Iffy Dog

iffy |ˈifē| adjective  filled with uncertainty; doubtful: dubious, shaky; substandard, second-rate, inferior

dog |dôɡ| noun a domesticated mammal with an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling, or whining voice. It is widely kept as a companion or for specialized work or hunting

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The dogs that come to us are iffy. They may not be purebreds. They may not be at peak health. They are of doubtful breeding quality. Their breeding may be uncertain, undecided, unresolved, or in doubt.

The dogs come to us feeling iffy. It takes about 3 days for them to settle in and feel safe. They are second-hand dogs, used pups, breeders that can’t breed, hunters that won’t hunt, pets no one has taken the time to train, unwanted litters of puppies, sick dogs that need expensive medical care. They are lost and stray and surrendered and scared.

They are iffy dogs.

They have changed my life. I am a writer. I read. I write. I love to travel. I have lived all over the world. I am a recovering expat. I am getting used to staying in one place, for like years and years. It’s strange. It’s new. I work at home. I’m writing a novel. I got lonely. Big house. Kids at school. Expat friends moving away all of the time. I think we need a dog, I said. I’d feel safer home alone with a dog, I said. We live in New Orleans. Lots of guns. I don’t like guns. We got a dog. I love her so much. She loves to play. With other dogs. A lot. We need another dog. No, he said. It’s expensive, he said. But, we need another dog. So, I begged. Two kids begged. Lots of puppy pictures were shown. Lots of no. Dogs are expensive. I conceded. At first…

We own 4 now, and I have 2 – 4 foster dogs at a time. My husband is a huge part of that. If you want to know how we got to yes, and sorta stole our 1st rescue dog, you are in the right place. I love sharing my dogs. I follow them around with a camera and I share all of the things they do that make my life a better life. I’m learning to train. I’m learning about their vet care. I’m learning about the rescue world. I want to tell you all about it.  We call it the Cecchine Hotel for Dogs.


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