Look at that sweet face. 

His owners let him down. They said that their children were allergic to him… They said that they had no time to train him… They said that he played rough. Huskies do that.

Are those good enough reasons to give up on a dog? Those things are fixable. I take allergy medicine daily. My dogs get training. This dog’s family took him to a full kill shelter. 

I can tell you that many of the Louisiana shelters are full right now, and many of the rescues are full; they do not have enough foster homes to take in more dogs. 

Ghost was cute. Ghost was adoptable. Yet, Ghost was put to sleep. He doesn’t have the chance at a new family now; his previous so-called family likely doesn’t know. (Ghost is not their problem anymore.) Ghost was put to sleep and the circumstances have me upset. It is always sad when a dog is put down. It makes me angry when a shelter dog has rescues actively trying to intervene, and it is put to sleep anyway. It makes me angry when there is a lack of communication, transparency, and oversight at an animal shelter.

Why did LASPCA kill Ghost?

Below is a recounting of the sequence of events that transpired with Ghost at LASPCA.

Ghost is a 2 year old Husky that was surrendered to LASPCA 2 weeks ago. LASPCA stated that Ghost was skittish in the shelter.  Many dogs are. Ghost trusted one of LASPCA’s staff members, who took the time to work with him, and stated that Ghost was becoming more comfortable. LASAPCA said that Ghost was good with others, played rough, as most young Huskies do. Ghost was tested around other dogs and did very well. He loved other dogs. One visitor noted that Ghost loved Pupperoni treats. 

I can see all of this from the Facebook post and comments(BELOW). Ghost had adoption interest, but the shelter decided that they wanted him to go to rescue or an experienced Husky owner. Huskies are a popular breed, but they are not low maintenance dogs. Sadly, there are a lot of young Huskies in our shelters.  

Ghost was stressed in the shelter. It is hard on dogs, the noise, the long hours in a cage. LASPCA said that he was deteriorating. He needed out. 

Rescue tried to get him out. 

(Courtney Turner sent this message to Take Paws Rescue and asked that it be shared.)

From: Courtney Turner

Subject: SPCA/Ghost sequence of events.

Date: June 25, 2018 at 11:54:04 AM CDT


Friday 6.22.18

Approximately 9:30

I saw the post shared by Monica Marshall stating Ghost would be killed Friday unless pulled by rescue. I messaged Angela Hamilton Helms who had actively been trying to find a rescue to pull him. She offered to foster or help with transport. Anything to save him.

I called the La SPCA at 12 pm and spoke with someone who took my name and number. They stated due to the half cost adoption day Ghost had until Monday 6.25.18.  I Immediately contacted Second Chance Dog Rescue and CAAWS.

CAAWS asked for his intake number, I called back and spoke with someone who would not give me any information and transferred me to the foster department. When I spoke with someone at 2:40pm they said it looked very good for him lots of rescues were actively trying to pull him. They would not give me any information to me when I called. I asked If I could give them the email contact I had from CAAWS and they stated they would. CAAWS foster coordinator check spam email and never received email. 

Saturday 6.23.18

Erika Babb visited shelter to get eval video and was told he had been euthanized. 

Sunday 6.24.18

I (Courtney Turner) called shelter and was told he was euthanized and they apologized for giving wrongful information on his last day.


We are devastated and have been leaving messages since Saturday with Katie Pappenhagan at LASPCA. 

We have a problem. On the one hand, there are many, many volunteers working hard to save dog’s lives. On the other hand, there are overcrowded shelters that can’t keep up with the flow of people who are failing to take responsibility for their pets. We have a communication and oversight problem. There were at least two rescues working on saving Ghost. LASPCA killed him. I am not okay with that.

We can’t save every dog, but if we had not been given incorrect information by LASPCA, we would have saved Ghost. Ghost would be in a loving foster home right now. I am devastated. 


Taken from Facebook:

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 1.40.19 PM.png

This is how LASPCA responded to communication on their e-mail page:

How is that acceptable?  A thumbs up. No. I’m not okay with this. 

A single phone call would have allowed rescue to save Ghost. Shame on you LASPCA. 

Below are some of the comments about Ghost from LASPCA’s public Facebook page. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 1.42.35 PM.png